Great Central Railway Railways at Work Gala

I attended the gala on Saturday 21st May as a volunteer and Sunday 22nd May 2016 as a passenger. On Sunday, I did the usual photography and filming. The locomotives that were in use were:

GWR Modified Hall No. 6990 Witherslack Hall

Ivatt Class 2 No. 46521

LMS Class 5 No. 45305

LMS 8F No. 48624 (deputising for failed GWR 42xx No. 4247)

BR 9F No. 92214

LMS 3F (Jinty) No. 47406

Guest S&DJR 7F No. 53808

The passenger numbers were not as high as was previously expected, owing to various other events being held on the same weekend at other railways. My video can be viewed at

The next major event is the Wartime Weekend, held on 3rd-5th June 2016. Unfortunately, I will not be able to travel on the Sunday, although I will try to take some pictures whilst I am volunteering on Friday and Saturday.


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